Has a Tree Fallen on Your Roof?

Trees provide a property with shade and enhance the beauty of the home, but when a storm comes around, they pose a major threat to the safety of your home. If the tree comes crashing down on the home, the most important thing to remember is to get everyone out of the house quickly and safely. You can assess the damages to the home later.

When storm damage causes a tree to fall, a professional is likely needed for roof repair st louis county mo. The roof will likely have missing shingles, cracks, and holes in it after a tree falls on top. Professionals can repair these issues, but to prevent further damage it may be necessary to replace the entire roof rather than repair it. The professionals will better determine which option is best after an inspection of the top of the home.

roof repair st louis county mo

Do not put off the call to roofing professionals after the tree has fallen. Obviously the damage is not going to disappear on its own. Your safety is at risk and you need the tree removed quickly. This should never be a task you attempt to handle yourself. It is dangerous and you likely lack the necessary equipment to safely handle the job. Furthermore, prolonging the call for roof repair will only worsen the damage that you endure, costing more to repair when the day is done.

The cost to repair a roof that’s sustained damage due to a fallen tree varies. Get an estimate from a few companies and compare rates to determine the exact amount of money you’ll spend for the service. The significance of the damage, type of roof, size of the home and other factors all impact these costs. In some case, your homeowners insurance may pay the costs to make

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