Green Floor Cleaning Tips


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This is a short motivational article pointing readers in the right direction towards becoming even more sustainable in the home. One important aspect of home maintenance is looking after its floors. There are green cleaning tips for you and after taking a look at the cleaning responses to different types of flooring, you can decide for yourself what will be the best way to clean floors in your home.

It all depends on what kind of floors you have installed in your home, it can be supposed.

But to start. Here are some clean green cleaning tips for you. When endeavoring to clean surfaces as naturally as possible without the use of detergents, reach out for the lemons. And a little vinegar. Ditch the vacuum cleaner and just use the dustpan and sharp industrial broom already. With a little more elbow grease applied, you will be as fit as a fiddle in next to no time. Also, cut your utility bills and avoid running off to the laundromat and start washing your own washing by hand. More power to you, as they say.

Now, no matter what type of flooring you have installed in your home, sustainable floor cleaning methods are always possible.

First of all, you will always have to consider what types of flooring need cleaning. In this short account, carpeted floors, tiled floors, wooden floors and laminated floors are covered. And let’s not forget, those lucky enough to have really old floors need to take stock as well.

A best practice here is to rather rely on an outsourced carpet cleaning service. But a little internet research goes a long way if you choose to go it alone in terms of regular maintenance to deal with all the difficult to remove spillages. You take your pick what works best for you here.

Tiles may be resilient and resistant to the most hardcore of stains and dirt, but nothing gets the job done better than regular cleaning by hand. Marks and spills can be cleaned away with a good chamois mop with just a mix of water and truly mild detergent.

Wooden floors could be icky but if the work is regular, then problem solved. Just do the job right. Greasy and muddy spots need to be cleaned away straight away with a damp cloth. And even if it’s just a water spillage, make sure you remove this right away. Left unattended, stains will be left behind and these could be difficult to remove later on.

Conveniently cheap to install they may be, but they’re difficult to clean. Dispel the notion that laminated floors are just so easy to clean. Could be, but they have to be cleaned in a jiffy, as in the moment a spillage occurs, wipe away, using only recommended wet cleaning methods.

Now for the really old floors. Turn over a new leaf once you’ve replaced the old flooring with more sustainable materials and stick to the rules in terms of recommended green cleaning methods.

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